Privacy & Marketing

Consumers are more and more in control of their personal data. New regulations around privacy regulations such as GDPR enforce this change.

We support you in:

  • Defining the Privacy by design principle in your business
  • Creating awareness on privacy, improve transparency, control in regulatory requirement such as GDPR
  • Finding innovative blockchain identity-based solutions


Privacy & Marketing

Self-Sovereign Identity

Blockchain Development

Today the verification of physical identity is largely done based on government-issued credentials. Our digital identity has been largely ‘given’ away to large social media players. This has a led to a loss of control on data and identity by ‘users’.  At the same time, the digital identity is diffused over different vendors.

SSI gives sovereign control over digital aspects of identity whilst respecting legal aspects. can contribute towards the setup of a Self-Sovereign identity framework such as:

  • Creating SSI solutions based on vendor-independent control of relationships
  • Create products for self-attestation e.g. where an individual can claim ownership of a diploma, but if required search for confirmation by  a third party such as an university.
  • Supporting  government & institutions towards their ambition in realizing SSI
  • Integration of Blockchain SSI frameworks

Blockchain Use Cases

The true potential of blockchain and its ability to change industries is not yet fully know.

Are we able to transform physical assets into digital tokens? Can blockchain or the decentralised ledger improve the value of the democratic process? Is it possible that blockchain helps to contribute to global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations?

At we believe we answer YES to all!

For this purpose:

  • We support your company in finding means to improving the value chain of business with blockchain solution
  • We attend regular meet-ups on Blockchain including at our office location
  • We strive to find new business ideas for improving our World
Blockchain Usecases
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